Monday, 31 December 2012

A Tribute To India's Daughter

As the tragic news of the Delhi gang rape victim hits us with a deafening force, shattering the feeble thread of hope for her survival that we were holding on to, an entire nation is reduced to tears. The same nation which, until a day ago was enveloped in protests and candlelight marches demanding the government to dole out befitting punishments to the perpetrators of this heinous incident, fell silent for a moment. The government, which was busy engaged in trying to ward off the protesters and internally involved in a mudslinging game within itself, was hushed for a moment. An entire nation collectively shed a tear for the girl.
How do we feel so emotionally attached to this one girl, when in reality thousands of girls have and are still suffering the same fate?
Why do we shed a tear for this stranger and mourn her death like the loss of a loved one?
Why is she being heralded as ‘India’s daughter’?
These are the questions running across many a mind in India. Mine too.
 I guess the answer lies within the fact that she managed to awaken the people in the country from a deep slumber by thrusting the callous reality in front of them. She managed to lodge a deep sense of panic and trepidation in every woman’s heart by exposing that things were spiralling out of control and no woman is safe in the country. She succeeded in bringing home the fact that if appropriate action is not taken now, no woman can live a peaceful life anymore. She managed to drive people out into the streets to protest against the brutalities inflicted upon her and the hapless state of womenfolk in general. She silently willed everyone, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, to stop sitting quietly and launch a much-overdue furore against the pathetic state of the country and its governance. The citizens erased factors like religion, caste, social status and presumably every aspect of discrimination from their minds, and took to the cause of fighting for justice in whatever way they could. Be it via protests on the roads or through social media, they made their point heard to a government which has always sought to ignore such cases before.
Yes, she has achieved the impossible.

Unity in diversity.
 She has managed to unite a nation which was sucked into a vortex of hatred for each other. We have finally started to let go off trivialities and joined hands to focus on the bigger picture. Our nation has awakened.
You managed to instil a new sense of vigour and hope amongst us, Damini. A faith that we still do care for each other and will join forces if need be. Thank you.
Rest In Peace Damini. You will always be remembered as a beacon of hope and justice. You are indeed, India’s daughter.

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