Monday, 24 December 2012

The Christmas Wishlist

So it’s that time of the year again!

When the heavenly aroma of freshly baked cakes wafts through the air.

When almost a quarter of the male population dons a red-and-white costume, sticks on a fake beard and cruises the streets shouting HO-HO-HO. Oops, I almost forgot the potbelly.

When the sales of Christmas trees and twinkling lights go overboard.

When half of the Facebook crowd finds another reason to change their display pictures. Really. In case you do not have a calendar at home, or you’ve simply forgotten about Christmas (or ANY festival, for that matter) just log onto Facebook. It’ll probably take only 5-6 seconds for you to figure out that its Christmas time, what with the overdose of people uploading pictures with the Santa cap on.

Anyway, Merry X’mas :)


I can picture all the little kids around the world penning down their cute little wishlist, completely enchanted by the whole concept of wishes-coming-true and fervently hoping that they get whatever they wished for, from Santa Claus. Well, this year I too have a wishlist, Santa. Make them come true will you?

--A huge pool of chocolate sauce. So huge, that I get sick and nauseous at the sight of chocolate after that and my mom heaves a big sigh of relief. That’s like two gifts for the price of one. :P

--Gift me a British accent. Or a guy with a British accent. Anything is fine.

-- Can you please eliminate ALL the cockroaches from the face of the Earth. Thank you.

--Oh yeah, and after eliminating them, if you find time, please attend to the mosquitoes too.

-- A Spongebob Tee-shirt. Preferably pink/white.

-- Dimples. Not the scary Sharmila Tagore ones though. Just normal sweet ones.

-- Throw the perpetrators of the heinous Delhi gang-rape incident from the highest mountain possible. Upside down. Into a sea of boiling oil. Perfect.

-- Gift me some guts so that I can finally get into a roller coaster.

-- The entire collection of FRIENDS on DVD. No, I do not have it yet. Yes, I’m an ardent fan. Don’t snigger, please. Just look at the price and THEN mock me.

-- The answer to 4-across from the crossword in today’s newspaper.

-- A proper winter season in Chennai…What? Are you absolutely sure that there is no chance of that happening? Ok ok I get it Santa, you can stop shaking your head.

I know this list is getting too long and Santa is probably just getting bored and yawning. Nevertheless, what’s the harm in wishing, right? :P
Merry Christmas again, y’all! Have a fun day :)


  1. Naice! :D

    P.S Why do you wanna get sick of chocolate? :O

    1. Danks :D

      That is basically another way of saying that I want an endless supply of chocolate because me getting sick of chocolate is never going to happen. :P

  2. Good one !
    My dear, u can always ask ur parents to buy u a T-shirt :)
    By the way, i am off to search of a son-in-law :D

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hahah! :D

      In that case, Santa, you can cross two wishes off the list ;)

  3. about the british accent... you almost have one!

  4. 1. Call me when you get that pool..

    2. You have the most famous mallu accent.. \m/ be happy with it..

    3. Cockroaches even survived what eliminated dinosaurs.. so thats allmost impossible. -_-

    3. Just hop into a roller coaster... don't worry, stuffs shown in "final destination" don't happen in reality usually..

    4. I have all the episodes of friends.. all you have to do is to pay for the blank dvds... :P

    1. 1. Sure.
      2. No. I want British.
      3. Yeah well what's the harm in wishing. :D
      4. Uh-huh. You're just scaring me more by reminding me about Final Destination. :S
      5. I want the original ones. With the behind-the-scenes, extras and stuff. Got that with you? :P

  5. 'Gift me a British accent...' - Epic