Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Advertisements? Or MAD-vertisements?

You’re my pumpkin pumpkin
Hello honey bunny               
Feeling something something
Hello honey bunny

Forgive me, but this song has hijacked my head and is currently playing on a continuous loop. It looks like all the television channels ( and every other form of social media for that matter) have taken it upon themselves to make sure that this jingle becomes the next anthem. Well, it's only a matter of time before the song starts getting on everyone’s nerves and people start to scramble for their remotes in order to switch the channel when they hear it playing. I’m telling you, dear Idea advertisers and TV channels, if you continue to keep splashing this song everywhere in every way possible, then very soon people are going to begin  ‘feeling something something’ different and start throwing pumpkins at your honey bunnies. So stop while the going’s good. :D

Anyway, talking about advertisements, I came across this particular one while flicking through a magazine. It is an ad for Incredible India’s Orissa Tourism wing.

This is officially the creepiest ad I’ve ever seen.  I can picture the crab, sitting on the beach with menacing eyes, rubbing its claws in glee and waiting to ‘receive’ me. With a bite or sting, maybe. I don’t know about others but I, for one, would never set foot in Orissa after seeing this vicious advertisement. On the other hand I would run as far away as I can. To some place where there are no scary reptiles and insects ‘waiting’ to receive me. Maybe they should put up a disclaimer before the ad saying ‘only for scary-red-crab-lovers’. Are you listening, Incredible India advertisers?

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